By Christina Rupp 1 October 2009


The Samsung ST50 is a slim and stylish 12.2 megapixel point-and-shoot camera. It has loads of glittering functions such as a smart auto mode, a frame guide and a face detection feature. But are these functions worthy of their flattering description – smart?

Ease of use?

To start off, the menu of the ST50 is relatively easy to use. When handling the camera, we found that the modes and functions were easy to find. Though, the onscreen descriptions of these functions were as informative as Chinese street signs, since they provided no orientation whatsoever. The descriptions disappeared before you could read them properly and their formulation was incoherent and unclear.

Consolation for this disappointment was the clear 2.7" display. It reacted quickly and efficiently to all movements, and the picture was continuously sharp and steady.

Face-, Smile- and Blink detection

The face detection feature is the ST50’s crowning jewel, and the camera lives and dies by this feature. In addition to smile detection, the camera also features blink detection. If your eyes close while someone is taking your picture, the camera immediately takes another picture as soon as your eyes are open again. Finally, there’s the beauty shot, which enables you to airbrush and retouch your portraits on the camera itself.

Frame guide

Another interesting feature was the ST50’s frame guide, which enables you to keep a chosen angle if you’re not behind the camera. This is useful if you want to be in a picture but don’t trust someone else to frame it correctly. Take a pic of the angle that you want and the pic will capture the angle and forms a transparent background for the person taking the next pic, all they have to do is match it with the background. We found this great for photomontage.

Final word

We must say that browsing images was a bit slow at times, but liked the clever motion timer though, which signaled the camera to take a picture only when no more movement was detected. The ST50 is a fun camera typically meant for photography on the go. With its face detection and features like beauty shot, the small compact immediately suggests Friday nights out, or holidays at the coast. Available from Dion Wired for 2999.

Face, Smile and Blink detection features are brilliant.
Onscreen descriptions of functions are unclear.

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