By Thomas McKinnon 15 July 2008


Flash disks are small. They’re easy to lose. They’re tough to find once lost. To state the obvious, this is a problem. As they are data storage devices sensitive information can be lost and if that same information should make it onto unfriendly displays, viewed by unfriendly eyes it would be all the more upsetting.

The ThumbMAX solves at least half this problem, and a few more problems for good measure. This biometric finger print flash makes use of finger print scanning technology to secure the device against unauthorised access. The device comes with full biometric management software so you can save and manage multiple finger prints and sync your documents and mail besides. The device is plug and play so setup is a breeze. All that is required is a finger print scan (x3 just to make sure) and a back-up password in case you lose a finger or borrow the flash to a friend. When inserting the device into your PC etc. you will be urged to swipe your finger print and hey presto you’re in.

The scanner sits flush with the flash disk’s casing thus no bulk is added to the device. In fact it’s still safe to say that all flash disks look alike. In the box you’ll find all the usual suspects; an extension cord and lanyard. This device, although a bit gimmicky, is excellent for protecting data proving handy for anyone who has trouble remembering passwords or where they left they’re flash. At R273 for a 1GB it’s a cool buy.  Call Esquire on 0861 70 00 00.

Biometric protection
Head not able to retract for protection

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