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Metro: Last Light takes us into the mutant infested, radioactive sewers of the Moscow underground. Can Mother Russia, and humanity, survive?
Whether it be zombie outbreaks in Left 4 Dead or nuclear war in Fallout 3, gamers have recently grown quite accustomed to surviving on a ravaged planet.
Last Light is the sequel to 2010’s Metro 2033 (review), a game loosely based on the novel of the same name by author Dmitry Glukhovsky.
Developed by Ukrainian company 4A Games, the title throws players into the grime covered tunnels of the Moscow underground as humanity seeks to eke out a living in a post-apocalyptic wasteland.
Finding a place on the Moscow underground trains can be quite challenging. 
Like its predecessor, Last Light focuses heavily on story and atmosphere, especially for a first-person shooter. With a richly imagined world, massive attention to detail and all-round good storytelling, you’ll feel like you’re wading through irradiated subway tunnels in no time.
Shoot to kill
While Last Light borrows in no small part from RPG’s, the game is essentially a shooter. Players will need to manage more than just scant ammo in the metro though; as gas masks, electrical chargers and even simple lighters can often be the only thing between you and a shallow grave. Most of the time however, firearms will be your saving grace with players wielding custom weapons to fend off irradiated monstrosities and ideological maniacs alike.
As far as shooters go, Last Light has some of the most solid mechanics we’ve seen in years, with combat flowing smoothly from station to station. Every situation doesn’t necessarily have to call for Rambo levels of violence though, as you also have the option of stealthily taking out enemies and sneaking between tunnels from time to time.
The annual Moscow Motor Show is not what it used to be. 
To the point
The atmosphere and graphical quality of Last Light is simply a joy to behold; whether you’re skulking underground or racing from building to building on the barren surface world. In addition, good sound and world enriching voice acting really helps set the stage for a world torn asunder.
If you enjoy your first person shooting with a healthy dose of award-winning storytelling, then Metro: Last Light is among the cream of the crop. RRP: R450. 


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