By Andrew Gould 7 July 2008


The Magro3 is created by NCS-NAVI, makers of one of the world’s thinnest Bluetooth GPS receiver, the R120. The entire unit is black, with the exception of the menu button on the side. As GPS units go this is one of the prettier models out there.

The 3.5" TFT touch screen isn’t the largest on the market, but it definitely does the trick at 320x240 QVGA resolution. The unit runs  Microsoft Windows CE 5.0. Interestingly WinCE runs a completely distinct kernel, as opposed to the trimmed down versions of the  Windows platform. WinCE is built specifically for computers and devices that don’t have large amounts of memory or processing power. It has quite impressive performance too, as it has a 372MHz processor and 64MB of SDRAM. The device is integrated with a 1000mAH/ 3.7V Li-polymer battery. The manufacturer claims a battery-life of up to 3 hours, whilst running the GPS. The Magro3 also supports a number of image formats including: jpg, bmp, png and gif. The PDAshop have bundled the Magro3 with the latest HandyMAP G10 navigation software, developed specially for Windows CE. G10 is HandyMAP’s professional navigation software suite. This version of HandyMAP includes a host of road networks, places and points of interest.

HandyMAP software offers the most up to date South African digital map ­database. With G10 software you are able to select the optimal route plan by ­selecting “Recommend Route”, “Highway Preferred”, “Cycling”, “Walking” or “Shortest” route. This way you won’t find yourself on a dark and deserted dirt road at 1am, because it happens to be the quickest way to get somewhere. This 3D software suite offers very easy to use functionality when trying to locate an address of point of interest. There are ­numerous ways to search for places, including browsing, keyword searches and co-ordinates.

With HandyMAP software you will have access to the latest map updates as they are released by HandyMAP twice yearly.

It offers a 372 MHz processor and 2GB of internal memory.
The unit???s battery life is dismal.

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