By Kirsty Melville 23 February 2009


LocoRoco 2 is the follow-up game to the hugely successful first LocoRoco. The game is bright and cheerful and strangely addictive.

The plot: The evil Moja Moja have crash landed on the LocoRoco planet and polluted the environment with their cloudy black goop. It is up to you to rid of the planet of the smog and defeat the king and queen of the Moja Moja.

There are six different coloured LocoRocos that you meet as you progress through the game – each with their own distinct personalities, voices and theme songs. We tried hard to come up with a decent description of what a LocoRoco looks like, but the best we were able to do is “a roundish blobby thing that is incredibly cute”. Gameplay is simple - the L and R buttons are used to tilt the screen and the circle button is used for everything else (when we said simple, we really weren’t lying). Basically your LocoRoco rolls around eating fruit and getting bigger. To fit down small passages etc, you can spilt your LocoRoco into smaller blobs.

Rolling and jumping take up the majority of the game but there are also several minigames that add a bit of variety. Fighting the boss is a bit too easy, but then again there is not much in the game that offers much of a challenge. Be prepared to have the catchy, somewhat nonsensical sound track stuck in your head.

The game won’t take you very long to complete unless you aim to collect every single piece of fruit available, but it is still strangely absorbing and hypnotic; the adorable creatures leaving you with a warm and fuzzy feeling.

A very charming game with great level design.
The game is just too easy and can become a little repetitive.

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