By Kirsty Melville 19 January 2009


The setting: It’s the year 2277 and your character resides in Vault 101 as a result of a nuclear war from 200 years ago which has ravaged the world and left it a radiation filled wasteland. One day your father suddenly leaves the vault without telling you and it is your mission to find him.

It is the side quests in the game that really make it interesting. These side quests include things like disarming a bomb in Megaton and repairing a radio transmitter on top of the Washington Monument. There is also plenty of interaction with the strange inhabitants of the wasteland that join you on your quests.

Fallout 3 is all about survival. You have to face challenges such as limited ammo, damaged weaponry, strange creatures and little money. Players can become a thief to steal supplies or work as a trader to buy them. There are also the looming threats of addiction, radiation poisoning and unexploded weaponry.

There is plenty of shooting action in the game too and most of the people you meet will shoot first and ask questions later.

Its open world and excellent combat system make for a very exciting RPG.
Combat is a bit clumsy at times.

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