By Brigitte 12 May 2009


I love a good singing game! In fact anything musical and physically interactive (besides your thumbs and trigger ­fingers) that gets you singing, guitaring, drumming like it’s 1985. So when I cracked open the packaging of my new Lips I was super stoked. (when I say cracked open, I mean wrestled the packaging to the ground like a damn bull and then cut two of my fingers in the sharp, extremely difficult to cut plastic). Turn out, it was all worth it for the amount of fun packaged in such a tiny little pack.

Wireless mics. WIRELESS! It could be the most awesome thing aside from my signed Leonard Nimoy photograph. I don’t usually list technical things in my game reviews, but I need to mention that you can upload songs from your own external drive. Yes that’s right, your OWN music. Also, there are quite a few nice songs available to download on Xbox Live marketplace.

Even though my boyfriend beat me, literally by hundreds of thousands of points, I can safely say that Lips for Xbox 360 has got me ultra excited about singing games again, especially since you can use the mics as musical instruments and clappers. Shake the mic and you’re either “clapping” to the song or using a tambourine to the beat, which you do get achievements for, you know, if you farm that kind of stuff ;)

Do yourself a huge favour, buy yourself a copy of Lips, have a few glasses of wine with your friends to loosen up, warn your neighbours and then bash out some of your favourite songs. Use your buddies as backing vocals!

R899 from Games Xetra on 011-768-2255.

It comes with wirless mics, which double as a clapper and tambourine.
Packaging is not frenzied opening friendly and it lacks video and audio playback.

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