By Mike Joubert 1 April 2009


Audiophiles are quick to push the sound quality of vinyl over CD, don’t even get them started on MP3s.

Compressing tracks to MP3 leads to a loss of quality, with sound sort of mashing together. Because MP3s have cornered the market, sound engineers are now recording artists differently, often touting loudness over fidelity (a nice read on the death of high fidelity

Creative’s Xmod audio enhancer makes some bold claims of bettering the audio quality of your MP3s. This stylish white module contains their X-Fi audio technology that enhances sound travelling through the unit. This is not a speaker system; rather you plug your stand-alone speakers or headphones into the device.

It connects directly via USB port and surprisingly does not need any driver downloads to work. And work it surely does. Listening to music, it was easier for us to pick up the different instruments being used, and the sound was much fuller and rounder.

A good buy, especially if you have a pair of decent headphones. Get it from Computer Corporation on 08616-08616 for R749.

It enhances compressed audio by effectively converting it to 24-bit audio and no drivers required.
requires an external power source ??? not as portable as it should be.

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