By LivDigital 31 July 2013


Please note, this is a TechSmart shop product, and not a full TechSmart review.

Get immersed in everything you enjoy on your laptop with all-in-one sound and comfort.

Experience it
Enjoy what you’re doing with rich, full stereo sound for music, online videos, and more.

Make yourself comfy
Sit the way you want to with a padded base and comfortable viewing angle for your notebook screen.

Keep your cool
The quiet, efficient USB-powered fan keeps computer heat away from your body and circulates air around your laptop.


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Artificial Intelligence (130 votes)
Blockchain (25 votes)
Virtual Reality (16 votes)
High Performance Computing (17 votes)
Machine Learning (26 votes)
Nanotechnology (38 votes)
Computer vision (5 votes)
Edge computing (4 votes)
Autonomous vehicles (129 votes)