By Mike Joubert 2 February 2010


For its sheer impressiveness the Acer S243HL takes the cake. This 24" wide screen monitor not only provides a grandiose LED backlit screen, but does so at a mere 15 mm thick (Read full Tech Specs). HD content is king these days, and the Acer, with full 1080p HD support and two HDMI ports, certainly does not shy away from it.

Assembling the Acer S243HL monitor takes only a few seconds, it requires you to attach a stand to the base of the monitor, screw it tight and you are good to go. What might take a bit longer is adjusting your screen ratio to 1920 x 1080, which could include accessing your graphics card options to find the right resolution. Those looking for a greener display solution will be glad to hear that the S243HL only includes mercury-free materials, plus it is Energy-Star compliant.
The screen adjustment controls on the unit itself are located on the base of the stand, leaving the bezel free from any intrusion. They’re easy to reach, but using the available buttons to navigate the menu system can be frustrating. Here you’ll find the Acer eColour management system which allows you to fine tune the colour display, contrast and brightness. eColour also provides quick access to different work modes, including the best settings for data, media, cinema or image display, plus your own personal setting.
At the back of the base you’ll find your two HDMI ports and a regular analogue (VGA) connection, but no DVI connection. There is a 3.5 mm jack available to connect to your PC as the monitor houses its own speakers. While convenient we weren’t really satisfied with the sound quality. Rounding off the connections at the back is the power socket, with the Acer using an external power supply much like a notebook. It makes those big power chords something of the past.
Using the monitor was a treat. The combination of its massive 8 000 000:1 contrast ratio (click here to find out more about contrast ratios) and a 2 ms response time that nullifies image ghosting, makes both gaming and watching movies an absolute pleasure. The overall light consistency provided by the LED backlight is, of course, also something to behold.
The Acer S243HL monitor has ushered in a new standard for LCD monitors, combining excellent HD performance with impressive design, topped off with energy saving technology. If you are in the market, give the Acer S243HL some serious consideration.
(Written with Jason Silva)
Full 1080p HD support, 2x HDMI connectors.
Speakers not that great, adjustment controls difficult to manage.

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