By Tom Manners 15 July 2010


Those who use ADSL will be familiar with the usage and benefits associated with wireless routers. The ability to connect to the internet around the house by means of a wireless transmitter is a convenient and often overlooked advantage for fixed line users.
For those of us connecting to the internet using a 3G dongle, wireless connectivity on more than one device at a time is a relatively uncommon luxury. To address this issue AirLive has released its 11n 3G Traveller Mobile Router, which is specifically designed to offer wireless connectivity to 3G dongle users.
The 3G Traveller features a rechargeable Lithium Ion battery which will offer users two hours of routed internet on a single charge. This, combined with the device’s lightweight design, offers a great package overall for mobile usage.
It charges by means of a mini USB port. Although a DC charger is included with the package the 3G Traveller can also be connected to a car charger, a feature which we found extremely useful.
It also incorporates switchable LAN/WAN support which further enhances its effectiveness both at home and on the road. The device features a single LAN port and also supports 802.11 b/g/n wireless connections.  
What is also worth noting is that the 3G Traveller can be used to wirelessly connect gaming consoles such as Sony’s PlayStation 3 and mobile devices such as Apple’s iPad over 3G. This means that gamers in unsupported fixed line areas now have access to online console gaming, which we think is fantastic.
Set up
In order to connect the device users are simply required to plug their 3G dongle into the router and connect to the wireless signal on their PC. The plug and play nature of the 3G Traveller’s software means that no installation is required upon first use, although users are asked to enter a SIM code if applicable.
When designing the 3G Traveller AirLive really took the time to ensure compatibility and ease of use across the board, and it shows. The device supports the vast majority of 3G/3.5G dongle with EVDO, UMTS, or HSDPA protocols and, in the event that set up is more difficult than it should be, they have included an installation disk which features device drivers.
Overall we found the 3G Traveller to be an extremely useful device for South African 3G users who are looking for wireless connectivity both in the home and on the road. In a country where the number of internet users connecting via 3G far outweighs the number of fixed line users this device is definitely a winner. 
Portable, can charge using any mini USB charger, gives 3G dongle users wireless capability.
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