By Thomas McKinnon 28 August 2009


Last year we reviewed the BiPAC 2072 HomePlug AV 200. As an Ethernet Bridge it’s used to create a network through your power lines which is handy since you no longer need to trail cables all over the place or setup a wireless connection. 

We just got our hands on Billion’s BiPAC 2073N Wireless-N HomePlug AV200 which combines a high-speed wireless \'\'N" access point with a Homeplug AV adapter. Basically when used in conjunction with an existing home network like the one we created with the BiPAC 2072 you can create a mini-wireless \'\'N\'\' hotspot.

This proves useful if you want to extend your wireless coverage, for instance to an outbuilding, or remove dead zones in your office or home that may be created by thick walls.

The first thing we noticed about the device is its intelligent design. With accessible buttons on its face you can sync the device with the network and even set up encrypted networks. This negates the need for loading software on your PC to achieve the same result. In all we were pleased with its performance especially its noise-immune data transmission which prevents transmission interruptions even if someone is using the power lines for what they were meant in the first place. 

Buy it from Nology for R1126 excl. VAT. on 012-657-1317.

Well designed and easy to use hardware.
You need an established home network ??? can be costly to setup.

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