By Ryan Noik 28 October 2013


When it comes to gaming accessories, we were particularly pleased that the G500s gaming mouse escaped its cage and darted across our desk.  

While the G500s is a substantial mouse in size and heft, it’s nonetheless ergonomic in the hand, which resulted in it being comfortable to play, and work, with for extended periods. In the past Logitech has made a bit of a fuss about the surface materials used in its gaming keyboards and mice, such as a hydrophobic coating on the palm area, which the company claims helps prevent players’ hands from sticking.

Suffice to say, in our time with the mouse, it did boast a rather premium feel, and we certainly could feel the difference between it and some of our other, more run-of-the-mill mice.

Long tales

We were also quite pleased to see that the mouse offered a decently long (2 m) braided cord, which provided a nice amount of freedom when connected to our rig. In the feature department, the mouse was up to some heavy gaming, supporting from 200 dpi for precision tasks up to 8200 dpi for speedier navigation, and able to process up to 12 megapixels/second. What this means in gaming terms is that it proved particularly versatile, not just for in game tasks, but also for user’s preferences in the kind of response they like from their input device.

As befitting a gaming mouse, the G500s boasted no fewer than ten customisable buttons for quick access to a myriad of commands or functions (such as varying your dpi on the fly), making it a viable option for role playing gamers and first person shooter aficionados alike. Also well worth mentioning is the dual-mode scroll wheel, this feature allowed us to more quickly scroll through long documents and web pages using the free-spinning scroll wheel.

To the point

There was little we didn’t like about the G500s, nor was it any easy device to find fault with, unless you count odd packaging (we don’t). At a rather reasonable price for a specialty mouse, gamers would be well advised to check it out. RRP: R900

Full featured,Ergonomic, Customisable
Odd and ungainly packaging

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