By Mike Joubert 12 August 2009


Scanning documents while out of the office seems like a highly unlikely prospect, that is until you come across the  Plustek OpticSlim M12 Plus. Although its name might be a mouthful, its size isn’t.

While its width is just a bit bigger than an A4 piece of paper, its height and length are small enough to make the M12 easily fit into alaptop carry bag. The M12 is the perfect travelling partner, since it does not need an external power supply (it runs off your USB), and comes with a nice little travel pouch. It’s also handy in the office, especially if space is scarce, since you can simply pop it into a drawer once done. 

Apart from regular optical recognition packages, Plustek has bundled business card software that extracts data such as name, job title and telephone number andcollects it in a database.

The Plustek M12 scans three pages per min, and retails at R999. Phone Andrew from ImageTEK on 011-608-1964.
All servicing on ImageTEK products are now facilitated by ServiceTEK – National Helpline 0800REPAIR.

Small and lightweight, uses power directly from your PC
Scanning is a bit slow

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