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ASTRO File Manager

Although Android has most of the smartphone bases covered, easily scrolling through your files, especially on your SD card, is not one of them. ASTRO File Manager makes it a breeze to view, copy, paste, select and delete files, so if you plan to copy lots of data to and from your phone, ASTRO is essential. It’s also very easy to use, since if you know how to operate Windows Explorer you’ll have no problem navigating via ASTRO.
Android users have been proven to use the most data of all smartphone addicts, and trust us, your data usage can easily run away with you. To keep track of your bits and bytes we recommend NetCounter that shows your total, monthly and past seven days usage. It makes it dead easy to keep tabs on your precious data bundle, while niftily also keeps track of data downloaded via your Wi-Fi network. 
News24 is one of the most popular apps for the SA market and makes it easy to receive local news in a jiffy. In this app’s case it actually tracks your current position to provide location-based stories. For international news that’s a bit less resource intensive, try the BBC News app for a never-ending stream of news. For news from the other side of the Atlantic, download The New York Times app.

Angry Birds

With more than 12 million copies sold and over 30 million downloads of the free app across all platforms, Angry Birds seems to be Snake for the smartphone generation. A must have in regards to gaming on the Android platform, these furious birds exacting revenge on pigs hiding in shelters, is way more addictive than any adult would like to admit. Download only if you have lots of time to spare.


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