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14 Million. The number of MXit subscribers world wide.

39. The amount of days it will take to travel to Mars using a new ion engine.

35 years. The age of the humble Barcode this year.
20 pages. The size of a recent UK Government strategy paper on how to use Twitter.
2,600 per second. The amount of people that accessed a UK swine flu diagnosis website.
4 min. The time it took to crash.

888. The amount of LED panels in U2’s 360º Tour stage.
15, 000 km. The length of the Seacom cable.
2018. The date Europe’s Mars rover leaves earth, originally set to launch in 2011.
650 km. The distance a Swedish couple was detoured after misspelling their destination on their GPS.
€250K. The fine a Dutch spammer received for sending 21m junk mail messages.
$12.5 million. The amount paid for the most expensive domain name, Second place is at $9.5 million.
9.9 million. The number of netbooks shipped in 2008.
50%. The percentage of young British people who vote on reality TV, 40% vote in general elections.
124.4 billion KWh. The amount of electricity mobile broadband usage will consume in 2011.
11.9%. The percentage PC sales are expected to decline in 2009.
20%. The percentage of US teens that have sent naked or semi-naked photos of themselves over the Net.
23%. The percentage US video game sales were down in May 2009.
81%. The number of organisations that are concerned about the “Greenness” of their products and processes .
10.9%. The percentage the CPU market was down in the first quarter of 2009.
R0.00 (Nothing). The amount it would cost you to register a domain name, until an announcement by the US National Science Foundation on the 14th September, 1995, changed it.


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