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Google Mars

If you thought Google Earth was an impressive demonstration of what the internet can do, then Google Mars will take your breath away. With it you gain a birds-eye view of the red planet from your web browser, a truly amazing feat. The images come from the Mars Global Survey and Mars Odyssey spacecraft, both in orbit around our red-tinted neighbour. An infrared imaging feature allows users to peer through the Martian dust clouds, while a colour-coded elevation map and landmark tracker adds even more to the experience.
Why pirate when you can stream? Grooveshark is a free online music streaming website (and one of the few working in SA) allowing users to listen to a massive collection of music online. Unlike other sites Grooveshark depends on its users to upload content, and since benefiting from thousands of members uploading music from all genres, it has one of the most complete music libraries on the net. Anyone can register a standard Grooveshark account for free and start listening right now. A strong internet service is required.
Serious Eats
Serious Eats is dedicated to supplying the online community with the best in recipes, videos, blogs and restaurant reviews. The site’s mouthwatering design along with its casual feel makes it a great place to look for recipes, whether it’s a complex new dish or advice on making a McDonald’s Big Mac a bit tastier. The site also benefits from cookbook writers and chefs supplying it with delicious recipes. If you’re looking for a new culinary adventure, be it Strawberry Campari Tart or simply “30 ways to upgrade your instant noodles”, Serious Eats has you covered.
If you’ve always dreamt of managing your own website, but have been too daunted by the technical aspects and time investment required, a new solution may be found in the form of Here users can register their own domain names by completing a simple online form. The domain will immediately be registered at the registrar, with no additional knowledge or technical experience required. Users will only be responsible for the annual domain renewal fee of R50, with no other costs incurred.



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