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For users who do not have a fixed line from Telkom which can be used for ADSL, there are alternatives in the form of the cellular networks’ mobile connectivity options. Potential web surfers can look at the Vodafone WebBox instance, use their cellphone as tethered modem to connect their PC (if the phone has that capability) or buy a USB-modem.
When you purchase a USB-modem from one of the cellular networks, it will include a SIM card for which you have to acquire data bundles. After activating the SIM card (by inserting it into your mobile phone and calling the number provided by the service provider), you will need to load airtime onto it.
If you want to use airtime as data it’s best to convert it to a data bundle which works out cheaper (see data rates table below). You simply buy airtime and enter the voucher number via the software provided with the USB-modem. This airtime can then be converted into data-bundles via the same software. Make sure that you have enough airtime loaded for the specific data bundle that you want to acquire for the device. For instance, to be able to load a 600 MB Vodacom data bundle you need to have R189 worth of airtime loaded onto the USB-modem’s SIM card.
If you will only use your phone to surf the net (either on the phone itself or as a tethered modem), you have to dial a specif code after you’ve loaded airtime: Vodacom: *111# ; MTN: *141*6# ; 8ta: *188# and Cell C: *147#.


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