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If you are a fan of the original Tetris and long for a return to the days playing it on your 8-bit TV game system, then First-Person Tetris is the remedy. The original game was developed in 1984 by Russian researcher Alexey Pazhitnov while working at the Soviet Academy of Sciences. Since then, this classic puzzle game has found its way to virtually every gaming console and there have been many computer as well as mobile and online derivatives too.

The online First-Person Tetris version on the site remains true to the classic game in all but one respect- screen orientation. Every time you rotate a tetromino (one of the puzzle pieces in the game), the screen will follow suit by also rotating, making for an added dimension of complexity, upping its original challenge.
The design of the site incorporates appropriate background features such as an old TV, with a VCR and Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) to set the appropriate reminiscent mood. The game’s controls are easy to use, so you can rack up a few high scores right from the outset. Be warned though, this online game isn’t for vertigo or motion sickness sufferers. Let the building begin.


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