By Thomas McKinnon 30 October 2008


We are not inclined to you use the word that best describes this portable radio. In fact this word is used so often and, in so many cases, used ­incorrectly. The word that best describes the Tivoli PAL Portable Radio is “Retro”. There, we wrote it.

The PAL (Portable Audio Laboratory) has three dials and a speaker. The dials: tune a radio, make things louder and softer and let you choose AM or FM. That’s it. It does nothing else. It does have a mini-jack so you can plug your MP3 or CD player into it, if you wanted to.

Then there’s the price: R1875 (incl VAT). That is pretty steep for a radio. But what a radio! Tivoli is not some no-name brand company that brings you a great price-tag by using sub-standard ­components and slave labour. You can turn the volume dial all the way up to full and there will be no ­distortion. None. The PAL is a beautiful product, and, yes it’s very expensive, but we want one so very badly.

For more info visit or call them on 011-253-9977.

It has a mini-jack so you can plug your MP3 or CD player into it and it is portable as it uses a rechargeable battery.
The price is a bit steep for a radio and it doesn???t support stereo output.

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