By Hanleigh Daniels 15 October 2009


The Naite is part of Sony Ericsson’s eco-friendly GreenHeart portfolio and their second green phone after the C901. With a number of interesting features it aims to reduce its carbon footprint by 15%. Take for example the in-phone manual which replaces the standard paper version, saving over 90% in paper. It also provides convenient access to the operating instructions of the phone no matter where you are.

The Naite utilises a minimum of 50% of recycled plastic in its construction, and is also provided with a power-efficient charger that minimises the amount of power wasted during standby mode; when the phone is fully charged but still plugged into the wallsocket with the power switch left on. 

Sony Ericsson also included an interesting app called Ecomate to support users in making efficient, greener choices and  a carbon footprint calculator to illustrate and highlight the impact that your new green lifestyle has. 

Camera and music

The phone has a two megapixel camera that takes average quality pics, but lacks a flash for taking photos in low-light conditions. While there’s no 3.5 mm jack, the standard earphones provided with the phone are adequate. The sound quality of the on-board speakers is also good.

It only has 100 MB of internal memory, but you can expand that via the hotswop-able memory card slot. 


Surfing the web is effortless and quick via 3G HSDPA, while the 2.2" display isn’t too shabby and makes viewing of pages easy on the eye. There are also many other useful shortcuts like Google Maps, YouTube and Facebook. 

If the Toyota Prius is your car of choice, the Naite should fit right up your ally. While not overly impressive in the features department, it does carry with it a good environmental message.

The environmentally centered design and operation might just make you sleep a bit better at night.
The keypad is small and our fingers aren\'t, so messaging isn\'t a breeze. Styling is perhaps a bit too conservative and generic and doesn\'t highlight the uniqueness of the concept behind the phone.

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