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PopBoardz, which bills itself as an alternative to Power-Point, quite niftily enables you to stick a myriad of content, including text notes, PDFs, websites, images and video, on one screen. Thus it handily presents an idea or concept with numerous supporting examples. Each board can support up to 16 tiles, each of which is editable, able to sport its own logo and background, and can be rearranged as desired. It’s free.


This rather sophisticated augmented reality navigation and compass app is one of the more feature rich we have found our way to. It offers a gyrocompass, which can access your device’s camera and offer up directional information as an overlay, along with one’s current GPS coordinates in both geodesic and grid formats.

Also on offer is a speedometer, altimeter, coordinate converter, sextant and inclinometer. The app further allows you to save and share your position and waypoints, very useful for when you take a wrong turn in the bowels of Sandton City while your significant other is shopping. R40.

The Guardian of Imagination

If you’re looking for something a little bit enchanting, somewhat whimsical and overall, brilliantly produced, take a look at this app. The family friendly Guardian of Imagination is an interactive story with morals, which has you opening boxes to unlock captured dreams. Doing so not only reveals minigames and keys to the next box, it also enables you to bring colour back to the game’s world. Captivating and free with optional in-app purchases.

Tip of the Month

What with privacy becoming an increasingly rare, and dare we say precious commodity nowadays, here is another way to protect a little bit more of yours, at least when it comes to your web browsing habits on your iOS device. If you happen to use Safari, you can enable a Privacy Browsing feature, by going to Settings, and under Safari, sliding Private Browsing to on. Then, you can lend your device to your friend or family member for a short time with a little more piece of mind.


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