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Marvel showcased a ton of content at Comic Con this past weekend, but perhaps the most intriguing was a sneak peek at Avengers: Infinity War. Attendees at the company's Hall H press conference we're given a glimpse at the trailer, which contained plenty of noteworthy elements for upcoming film. 

While broadcasting of the trailer was strictly prohibited, some footage did find its way online, as it always does. As such, here are 10 things we learned about Avengers: Infinity War. 

1. Thor's floating in space

The establishing shot of the trailer focuses in on the Guardians of the Galaxy's spaceship, which then encounters Thor floating in space. We're unsure when in the film this takes place, but we're assuming that his fight with Hela in Ragnarok doesn't go entirely according to plan. 

2. Iron Spider suit joins the action

While Peter Parker opted to forego the Iron Spider suit in Homecoming, he dons it in Infinity War. He's also seen unmasked talking to Tony Stark, telling him that he's sorry. 

3. Cap's rocking a beard

Currently a fugitive on the run following the events of Civil War, Captain America has ditched his signature look, instead wearing a black ops version on his suit sans chest star, as well as longer hair and a beard. 

4. Black Widow's changed her locks

Also on the run with Cap, Black Widow has changed her appearance, sporting platinum blonde/grey haircut instead of her usual red locks. 

5. Thanos loses the armour

The main antagonist makes his presence known in this trailer, and interestingly enough is not wearing the gold armour he normally does, which may point to how little of a threat he considers the Avengers. 

6. Loki's got an Infinity Stone

The God of Mischief features in the trailer holding a Tesseract. Whether he's on the side of good or evil, however, is unclear.   

7. Black Panther preparing for battle

The king of Wakanda and his troops arrive, although we're not sure he'll be taking on Thanos. Perhaps he's fighting against one of Thanos' minions?

8. Vision imprisoned

Oddly, Vision appears in the trailer behind bars, as Scarlet Witch looks at him. Given that an Infinity Stone is powering him, maybe he's been kept hidden for his own safety? 

9. Thor in pain

One of the most intense scenes during all the fighting sees Thor's head being gripped by Thanos, with the mad Titan squeezing hard. While it takes a lot to kill the Asgardian, could he meet his end in Infinity War?

10. Tony Stark's end?

Another character in dire situations during the fight with Thanos is Tony Stark, who lies immobilised towards the end of the trailer. Thanos readies an attack and sends it Stark's way before the trailer cuts to black. With a few casualties expected for Infinity War, is this the end for Iron Man?

With Avengers: Infinity War set to hit cinemas in April next year, there's likely a whole host of information about the film set to come from Marvel's way. Hopefully though, they leave some surprises for the movie.


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