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If you love strategy games, you've likely spent hundreds of hours playing StarCraft. Now it's time to fire up your PC once again, with Blizzard's Remastered version of the much beloved classic available for purchase.

The developer has not just given the game a new coat of paint, but has also introduced the ability to play in 4K, should you have the hardware to do so. If not, the game still looks quite slick, with graphics across the board getting an overhaul, as well as matchmaking, cloud support and high fidelity audio quality added to the mix.

StarCraft: Remastered can be bought digitally through the official website or the Blizzard store, and includes the original game, as well as the Brood War expansion. As such, you'll be able to see how Jim Raynor fares in the first installment, then take control of the Swarm as Kerrigan in the second.

The game is currently retailing for €14.99 (R233) and if for whatever reason its release has slipped past your radar, we highly advise getting your hands on a digital copy. To watch the story of the original StarCraft unfold, watch the video below.


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