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Samsung has a different Mobile World Congress in store for 2017. Instead of the usual flagship smartphone, it will a tablet that will form the fulcrum of the South Korean manufacturer's press conference on 26 February at 20:00 (SAST). 

Yes, a new tablet in the guise of the Galaxy Tab S3 might not sound like the most exciting of devices, but it will come under no less scrutiny from the media, not least of all as it is the first flagship offering that Samsung has debuted since the ill-fated Note 7. Furthermore, the choices of standout Android-powered tablets are slim at best, with Apple and Microsoft (in the States) dominating in that regard. To stand a chance, here's five things we think the Tab S3 should feature. 

1. The right real estate  

Size is everything when it comes to a tablet. In all likeliness, Samsung will probably make it available in two sizes, as the 2015 Tab S2 did. Those tablets came in at 9.7" and 8" respectively, but the difference in size is too small in our opinion. 

We think having a 7.9" and 10.9" device to choose from makes the most sense. It would give Samsung competitors with the iPad models currently available.     

2. Go Snapdragon 835

Samsung has never been shy when it comes to imbuing its devices with the best processors available. The Tab S3 should be no different, and if the company wants to make a statement of intent, they should opt for the Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 chipset. This is the same chipset that will be placed within the Galaxy S8, so having it available in the newest tablet from Samsung makes a lot of sense. 

3. Fill it with productivity

A high-powered processor is only one side of the coin though, and the Tab S3 will need a number of productivity focused tools and applications. Samsung has a good history of pulling this off, with the Galaxy Note series serving as a good example. It featured the ability to launch pop-up option windows, make quick annotations and note taking possible, as well as switching between apps a breeze. The Tab S3 should have a similar air about it. 

4. Add a stylus

Speaking of the Galaxy Note, Samsung can take another cue from the phablet and introduce a built-in stylus akin to the S Pen. When you have added screen real estate to play with, the use of a stylus for drawing, note taking and possibly editing can be a great thing to have on hand. With the Apple iPad Pro and Microsoft Surface Tab both making use of stylus, Samsung must follow suit, especially if the Tab S3 is to be considered a productivity or design capable device.   

5. Use premium materials

When it comes to materials, Samsung has been a bit hit or miss on the tablet front. The Tab S for example featured a faux leather back cover which felt cheap compared to the specs and display of the device. The Tab S2 was a step in the right direction with a hardened plastic cover, but for the Tab S3 we need to go aluminium. If that can be achieved, the quality of feel outside will more than likely match the power inside.

Being unveiled on the evening of the 26th, we'll be live tweeting all the announcements Samsung has in store from @TechSmartMag. Furthermore, we'll be on hand at MWC 17 in Barcelona to check out the Tab S3 and any other new Samsung devices in person.


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