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It's been five minutes since we've last spoken about Apple, so what's the Cupertino-based company up to? According to reports by Bloomberg News, they are looking to get into the smart glasses game, specifically designing and manufacturing a device akin to Google's Glass AR (Augmented Reality) offering. 

Still a rumour at this stage, there is no definitive timeline on when a pair of Apple branded wearable glasses will hit the market, but Bloomberg thinks that 2018 onwards is the likely timeframe. The Verge, however, believes it may take even longer, as the company may opt to adjust its strategy regarding smart glasses, much like it's done for the much fabled autonomous Apple Car, which has been rumoured to be in development for the past three years.

An AR offering should be expected though, especially as Apple's CEO Tim Cook has stated previously that he believes the technology to have greater potential than virtual reality. Adding further credence to the reports by Bloomberg, is the fact that Apple has been in talks with several suppliers for displays designed to sit close to a wearer's eye, such as PrimeSense, Flyby and Metaio. 

Precisely how Apple will approach AR remains to be seen, with Google Glass seemingly laid to rest and Microsoft still refining its own HoloLens device. Nevertheless, this is one space which can prove interesting in coming years.


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