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For gamers of the 70s and 80s, Atari was the leading gaming brand with its consoles dominating the market, at least until Nintendo arrived. Since then, the company's influence has waned, but it was confirmed during last week's E3 2017 expo that they are working on a new console called the Ataribox.

The news comes via GamesBeat, which interviewed Atari CEO Fred Chesnais about the forthcoming device. At this stage, the finer details such as its proposed release date, the specifications, as well as what type of gaming content it will cater to, remain unknown.

All that is known at this stage, is that the Ataribox will be based on PC technology, according to Chesnais. If the recently revealed teaser trailer for the Ataribox is anything to go by, it could also draw much of its design inspiration from the Atari 2600, which had a faux wood finish to parts of the console.

With the Atari logo featuring in the most recent trailer for Blade Runner 2049 (as it did in the previous one), perhaps this is the start of the brand's resurgence. Check out the Ataribox in the teaser video below.


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