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This year marks BMW's 100th year anniversary, and the German carmaker is spending part of its time at this week's Geneva Motor Show. Being its centenary, BMW did not just unveil any old car, but rather a radical looking concept car that it's calling the Vision Next 100. With the exception of the iconic BMW kidney grille, this concept is unlike anything that the company has debuted to date.

Perhaps its most distinguishing feature is the small triangles littered both inside and outside the vehicle, giving it an almost Antoni Gaudi-esque look and feel. Apart from aesthetics, these triangles also serve a purpose, as BMW has placed almost 800 of them on the dashboard. They are used in a system that BMW calls Alive Geometry, which will communicate with the driver in accordance with their movements. This is still very much in development, with a working model yet to be shown.   

Added to this is a semi-autonomous driving feature. As with its iVision vehicles, BMW has not gone fully autonomous, with drivers still capable of getting behind the wheel of the Vision Next 100. There will be a 'boost' mode, where drivers will be given an optimal driving line and route courtesy of a heads-up display, and then there's 'ease' mode where the car takes over and the steering folds up and retracts into the dashboard.

While Mercedes-Benz's F-015 stole the show last year, it looks like it's the turn of their German counterpart this time round. Scroll further down to see the Vision Next 100 in all its unique splendour.


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