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How much would you pay for a good night's sleep? If you said $250, well does Bose have some earbuds for you. Just don't think you can use these for playing music. Bose's noise-masking sleepbuds were first crowd-funded through Indiegogo, and have now made it to stores.

The company notes that these in-ear buds work by providing built-in soothing sounds that combine with noise-isolating eartips. There are ten sounds to choose from (calming titled Downstream, Swell, Tranquility, etc.), some more suited for relaxation, others for the masking of noise.

The buds are of course wireless, and connect to an app on your phone. If you've ever fallen asleep with earbuds stuck in your ears, you will know that it's certainly not the most pleasant experiences. Bose notes that the eartips used are, “designed with side sleepers and toss-and-turners in mind”. Whether that will truly be the case at four o’clock in the morning remains to be seen.

With 16 hours of charge, you would need to recharge them once every two days if you are getting in a solid eight hours of sleep per night. As can be expected, the app offers a wake up alarms plus Bose provides a storage/recharge case that provides a full recharge on the go.

Unfortunately, these earbuds are single purpose only. So if you were thinking that you can use these while running or in the gym, think again – they will only help with soothing sounds, not music. For $250 that seems a bit cheeky.


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