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Two years ago, the Godzilla franchise received a reboot. Now, one of Hollywood's favourite monsters is receiving the same, in the form of the first trailer for Kong: Skull Island

This version is not set in the 1930s, but closer to modern day, as a team of explorers accompanied by a military force go to explore the eponymous island. As expected, things don't go according to plan, and the group quickly realises that things are not what they seem. Especially so after a giant bloody handprint against a cliff face at the 1:00 mark in the trailer below. 

While this effects-driven film will no doubt focus on the giant ape, there is still a notable cast sharing the screen with Kong. Brie Larson (recent Oscar winner and tipped to be the new Captain Marvel) is the lead actress, and she's joined by Tom Hiddleston (Thor) and Samuel L. Jackson (almost every movie made these days). 

With King Kong and Godzilla set to duke it out in 2020-scheduled movie, Skull Island will give us a good indication of how well the giant ape measures up. Kong: Skull Island is set for release in March next year, with more trailers likely on the way. Until then, hit play and enjoy the first one after the break. 


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