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Here’s some disturbing news from Adobe – the company’s network has apparently falling prey to a cyberattack, with criminals accessing both customer information as well as the source code for some of its products.

Making matters worse is the fact that the attack, which occurred towards the end of last week, was not a small infiltration either – according to Adobe, the information belonging to some 2.9 million Adobe customers was compromised.

This entailed customer names, encrypted credit and debit card numbers, expiration dates, as well as “other information relating to customer orders.”

To those affected, it may come as some, small consolation, that apparently the cybercriminals did not remove decrypted credit or debit card numbers from Adobe’s systems. Along with the perfunctory apologies, Adobe detailed the steps it was taking in the wake of the incident.

These include resetting relevant customer passwords to help prevent unauthorised access to Adobe ID accounts; notifying customers whose credit and debit card information may have been accessed; enlisting the aid of banks processing customer payments for Adobe, and of course, working with law enforcement.

To the point

In recent months, Adobe’s move towards a subscription-only business model has certainly raised the ire of more than a few long-term users, with mutterings of some even looking to other vendors for a substitute for Photoshop.

If Adobe was hoping to convince users to its way of thinking with regards to its new subscription-only business model for its Creative Cloud products, this incident is hardly the ringing endorsement they have been waiting for. Quite the contrary, in fact, as it may well just make more users think twice before signing up and giving Adobe their financial details in the future.

While cyberattacks can - and do - happen to anyone, we sincerely hope this serves as the wake up call that makes the company reconsider putting all its eggs in the cloud-based and subscription-only model basket. If anything, the very real threat of cyberattacks should serve as ample reminder as to why some are still rightfully reticent to entrust their financial data to any company nowadays.


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