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When Destiny launched a year ago, it didn’t have the easiest of landings. It was criticised for its story, or lack thereof, and quite frankly, didn’t live up to the hype. A year later, the game’s fate is very different. Its latest DLC, The Taken King, has apparently seen it breaking PlayStation’s download records according to Activision and earning its stripes as the most downloaded title on a launch day to date.

Alas, specific download figures weren’t shared, so we don’t know by how much it has beaten existing records. What we do know though is that The Taken King seems to have been met with an enthusiastic reception. Perhaps the highest praise has come from Forbes, of all publications, which commended the DLC for feeling more like a sequel in its own right, and worth $60 (R780) rather than $40 (R520).

So, you may be wondering has Destiny found its footing? It seems to have. Firstly, Patch 2.0 changed several core elements, and then the decision to replace Peter Dinklage with Nolan North also contributed to what feels like a different title. Is it enough though, to lure players who left it at the end of last year and have yet to return? That is what remains to be seen. In case you happen to be sitting on the fence, take a look at the trailer below.  


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