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Unveiling an announcement trailer is sometimes not enough to win over hardcore gaming fans, you need to follow that up with a gameplay one to showcase exactly what the title has to offer. With a number of gameplay trailers making their debut over the past few days at E3 2016, these are the ones that truly stood out, and left us wanting more. 

God of War

Kratos is back! This time with his son at his side (paternity test notwithstanding), and while he certainly won't win any father of the year awards, the God of War is as brutal as ever. His backdrop for this game is no longer Olympus, but instead a Scandinavian backdrop if the in-video reference to Valhalla is to be believed. 

It looks like Kratos will also have an array of Norse-inspired weapons for this installment in the franchise, which could mean his trademark blades of chaos may have fallen by the wayside. The intense fighting style still remains, with the addition of a Spartan Rage power-up mode where Kratos lays waste to big bosses. A release date is still amiss, but God of War is definitely one worth waiting for.    

Horizon Zero Dawn

The Guerilla Games title has been one we've been anxiously awaiting in the office, with its protagonist Aloy looking like one of the more compelling characters we've seen at E3 this year. Added to this, Horizon Zero Dawn looks superb, as this most recent gameplay trailer illustrates. 

What looks like a mix of Far Cry Primal and Red Dead Redemption, Zero Dawn appears well crafted. Resources will play an integral part of the gameplay, as they'll enable Aloy to make weapons and traps. Added to this is an interesting story, where Aloy must help her people, as well as discover how this world came to be. Horizon Zero Dawn hits the PS4 early next year - 28 February.  

Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Wildlands

One game that slipped past our sights with E3 skulking around the corner, Ghost Recon Wildlands is the upcoming iteration in the Tom Clancy franchise. Unlike The Division, which takes place in the heart of a city, Wildlands takes things outdoors, if the title wasn't already a clue. 

According to developer Ubisoft, Wildlands is an open-world title, but just how far that "openness" extends remains to be seen. The gameplay trailer below though, shows a title where co-operation between gamers will be key, especially if victory is your desired result. Slated for release next year, 3 March, Wildlands is currently available for pre-order.   

Battlefield 1

Less in-depth than the other trailers on this list, Battlefield 1 is no less deserving of its place. By early indications, variety is the spice of life, as gamers will be able to take part in World War I in a number of different scenarios. Whether it be on foot, on horse, in air, or behind the wheel of a tank, the game covers all manner of combat. 

Added to this is the fact that it is superbly detailed. Never before has stabbing an enemy fighter with a bayonet looked so good. With missions reportedly spanning multiple maps, Battlefield 1 is gaining early praise for good reason. Releasing on multiple platforms, Battlefield 1 will arrive on 21 October.  

Persona 5

Persona 5, from Atlus Games, is one game we can't wait to play, yet still know very little about. From what we can tell, it's an RPG title that looks like it has been ripped straight from the pages of an anime TV series. The design is supremely unique, and for any fans of the anime genre, should prove a worthwhile game. 

The fifth title in the series, Persona 5 mixes together exploration, Final Fantasy style combat and puzzle solving. Arriving on both the PS4 and PS3, Persona 5 is yet to get an official release date, but when it does, it will rank high on our to-play list.  


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