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Despite Elon Musk and co. unveiling the Tesla Model 3 a month ago, there are still a few mysteries surrounding the electric vehicle. Such as when precisely in 2017 it will be making its way to South Africa, as well as whether it will retain the $35 000 price tag in a year's time. While neither of these have been addressed just yet, Elon Musk did confirm via Twitter that Model 3 will feature a Ludicrous Mode akin to the one we've seen in previous Tesla cars. 

Unfortunately, Musk did not elude as to how much faster the Ludicrous Mode would make the Model 3, but the current 0-100 km/h speed is believed to be under six seconds. If it can get under five seconds, then the Model 3 would be infringing on the the top speed set by the Tesla Model S. As such, it should further add to the Model 3's desirability, as it is easily the least expensive Tesla vehicle that money can buy.    

At the moment, pre-orders for the car sit at an estimated 300 000, with first deliveries expected some time in 2017. Add to the mix its 346 kilometre driving range, and Tesla could have a real winner on its hands. 


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