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It sits in the kitchen, sometimes seeming to call one’s name at the weirdest times. Though frequently visited, it is seldom considered, and yet it turns out that there is more to the refrigerator – and the technology that powers it - than meets the eye.

At an event in Illovo, Embraco, a multinational in the sector of hermetic compressors and cooling solutions for refrigeration, lifted the lid on the humble refrigerator, and explained why innovative solutions are more relevant now. One of the reasons, explained Marcio Schissatti, vice-president of Business and Marketing for Embraco, is that there is a growing demand for refrigeration systems that are more energy efficient, less noisy and that are able to preserve food for longer.

Is it hot in here?

Indeed, with temperatures rising due to climate change, it is easy to see how more efficient refrigeration that can keep food from spoiling would be important. The company pointed out that as Embraco was founded in Brazil, a tropical environment, its products have been developed with higher temperatures in mind. It also sees that the ability to cope with voltage fluctuations, which occur throughout Africa, as key, which is another factor that the company has built into its products.

Schissatti reassured that its products take into account the growing concern about the effect refrigerants have on the environment, and thus the company has endeavored to use natural refrigerants where possible.

Cool ideas

More specifically, three technologies were highlighted – a Full-motion variable speed compressor, which consumes 40% less energy compared to conventional technologies; a Plug ‘n Cool product and an oil free compressor called Wisemotion.

The latter, which is just a little bit bigger than a bicycle pump, can be run off batteries and a solar panel, as it requires a small amount of power to start. This has particular application where electricity supply may be an issue, such as certain parts of Africa.  

Plug ‘n Cool meanwhile is a compact sealed unit for commercial refrigeration, which the company elaborated aims to “optimise resources installation and maintenance for manufacturers and contractors.” Harkening back to the point about the impact of refrigerants on the environment, Plug ‘n Cool allows for the use of R290 natural refrigerant. This then makes it possible for customers to comply with worldwide efficiency standards and refrigerant gases.

“We are constantly developing new technologies and solutions to promote energy efficiency, reduce consumption of natural resources and create solutions that offer increasingly less environmental impact that meet our customers’ demands.  This is what challenges us to go beyond and keeps us as the global benchmark in the refrigeration market,” concluded Schissatti.


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