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The Exponential Finance Summit, taking place next week in Cape Town, from the 29th to the 30th, could not be happening at a more apt time. At the moment, the global economy is experiencing a rollercoaster ride, with the latest shockwave being an escalation in the trade war between the US and China undermining global economic growth, and seemingly a cold war brewing between the US and Huawei.

It has led to many questions as to what impact the ban on Huawei will have on the technology industry, on the smartphone market and the rollout of 5G worldwide.

Thus it is more than a little reassuring that amid all the seeming destruction, there is a summit, held by SingularityU South Africa, happening geared towards creation and collaboration. Indeed, some of the foremost speakers in technology and finance will be converging on the International Convention Centre to discuss everything from blockchain and AI to the future of work, and most relevant for Africa, financial inclusion.

For entrepreneurs and those aiming to start their businesses, more of which are sorely needed to jumpstart the South African economy, the summit is also set to focus on venture capital, building the next fintechs using AI, the financing of IoT, and most relevant for businesses, a session on making decisions in an uncertain world. Of course, cybersecurity will also be a topic on discussion, as it rightfully should be.

According to SingularityU South Africa, the goal of the event is to “futureproof Africa into the Fourth Industrial Revolution.”  The event is also intended to stimulate South Africa’s economy, encourage employment and growth, through embracing exponential technologies.

The slate of presentations on offer will include those from world renowned cybersecurity expert Jaya Baloo, exonomics and exponential business models expert Amin Toufani, blockchain specialist Tanya Knowles, future of cities expert Geci Karuri-Sebina (PHD), Catherine Wood, founder of ARK invest, and data science specialist Manu Sharma.

Manu Sharma

Other headline speakers include Ramez Naam, Kyle Nel, David Roberts, Kirsty Roth, Ashley Anthony, Mic Mann, Shayne Mann, Nathana Sharma, and Paul Pagnatto – one of the top 35 global wealth advisors globally. 

What this indicates is that even as the economic outlook is being shaken globally, there are a number of solutions to be found in technology.

TechSmart will be on hand at the event and you can expect our report back following many of the topics mentioned above, so stay tuned. If you are keen to attend for yourself, however, you can do so by registering here.


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