Cisco Interview Part 2: Cybersecurity, AI and the evolution of computing

By Ryan Noik 11 June 2024

In Part 2 of our interview with Cisco's Nabeel Rajab, he explores the impact AI is having on datacentres, computing and security and explains how Hypershield is paving the way for an AI-infused future. FULL STORY >


Cisco Interview Part 1: Taking cybersecurity to a new level with Hypershield

By Ryan Noik 10 June 2024

Recently Ryan Noik sat down with Cisco’s Nabeel Rajab, to gain a deeper insight into the newly released Hypershield. In Part 1, Rajab dives deeper into how Hypershield works to combat the security threats known and... FULL STORY >


How to safeguard the election results from cyber threats

By Industry Contributor 31 May 2024

In light of this week's election, Doros Hadjizenonos at Fortinet shares insights into the importance of proper cybersecurity measures in safeguarding South Africa’s democracy and election integrity. FULL STORY >


Trend Micro: Unpacking the shifts in cyberthreats and what you can do about them

By Ryan Noik 24 May 2024

Trend Micro explores the shocking growth of the number of cyberthreats, an increasing usage of deep fakes and a pressing need for robust security measures to handle an expanding threat landscape. FULL STORY >


The importance of rapid response in the South African cybersecurity landscape

By Industry Contributor 24 May 2024

By Ross Anderson, Business Unit Executive at Duxbury Networking FULL STORY >


Ensuring food security in South Africa through enhanced cybersecurity for farmers

By Staff Writer 17 May 2024

Technology has improved productivity, efficiency, and communication in every industry across the globe, and agriculture is no exception. FULL STORY >


A winning play: Embracing collaborative defense in cybersecurity

By Industry Contributor 17 May 2024

Just like in poker, facing cyber threats alone can be a risky bet. Forget the lone wolf approach, says Stephen Osler, co-founder and business director at Nclose. FULL STORY >


Google’s delay in killing third-party cookies: How will this impact you?

By Industry Contributor 17 May 2024

Google’s plan to change the way online advertising is delivered in its Chrome web browser will not happen by the end of the year as intended. This is a setback for ongoing efforts to enhance consumer privacy on the... FULL STORY >


Is your Smart Home secure? Cyber expert shares tips on how to keep devices safe

By Staff Writer 17 May 2024

Smart home security systems have undoubtedly revolutionised the way we safeguard our homes, offering a sense of control and enhanced safety. However, as with any technology, the security of these systems is of... FULL STORY >


Cisco Hypershield: Good news for the good guys

By Ryan Noik 30 April 2024

On the back of the recent launch of Cisco's Hypershield, we asked Cisco's experts what it means for cybersecurity at large. FULL STORY >


Cisco Hypershield - A giant step forward for cybersecurity and data protection

By Ryan Noik 24 April 2024

The past week was a quietly momentous one for the IT industry, as Cisco promised, and then delivered, a significant announcement that we were told would be a gamechanger. FULL STORY >


Infamous ransomware group disrupted by joint operation, runs out of time

By Staff Writer 15 April 2024

Trend Micro has disclosed cybercriminal insights following disruption of one of the world’s biggest ransomware groups. FULL STORY >


Safeguarding the future: The battle to defend the 5G attack surface

By Industry Contributor 11 April 2024

The architecture of 5G brings inherent risks, as the rapid increase in connected devices creates serious security challenges. FULL STORY >


The peril within: Battling the persistent threat of N-Day vulnerabilities

By Staff Writer 10 April 2024

Giving priority to patch management is crucial for businesses in reducing the major risks posed by N-Day exploits, says William Petherbridge from Fortinet. FULL STORY >


Beware of deepfakes in the AI age, warns Kaspersky

By Staff Writer 5 April 2024

The widespread adoption of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning technologies is driving another threat to watch out for - deepfakes - which are predicted to become more prolific. FULL STORY >

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