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When it rain it pours. Shortly after Samsung said that they will work together with Absa to introduce Samsung Pay, FNB went on the offensive. The bank announced that customers can make payments through their VISA enabled FNB Banking Cards via compatible Fitbit or Garmin Wearable.  

Customers will be able to link an FNB Banking Card to the Fitbit or Garmin App, with an OTP message sent via the FNB Banking App, SMS or email. To make payment, you select the wallet feature on the device, and then tap the wearable on the contactless point of sale - just as when paying with and FNB Pay enabled smartphone or their contactless card, according to FNB.

Customers will receive transaction notifications via the Banking App, SMS or email, while it’s also possible to view transactions on the Fitbit or Garmin App 24/7.

FNB notes that multiple layers of security, such as encryption and tokenisation, make this a secure method of making a payment. Customers’ card details will remain private and secure as it is not shared with retailers, Fitbit or Garmin.

As a further security measure, whenever the Fitbit or Garmin device leaves your wrist you will be required to enter your wearable pass-code once placed back on your wrist in order to re-activate the functionality.

Garmin devices compatible with Pay includes, amongst others, the vivoactive 3, Forerunner 645 and fēnix 5 Plus. Fitbit devices include the Ionic and Versa.

It should be interesting to see what other banks link up to smartwatch payment systems in the future, and how many people will actually make use of the tap and go solutions.


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