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Before Bethesda released Fallout 4 to the world, they served up a little mobile game called Fallout Shelter. Expectedly, it proved a massive hit with Fallout fans, and has been going strong ever since, even receiving a PC port in the process. Not content with letting its gamers down, Bethesda has readied an update for Fallout Shelter on both mobile and PC versions of the freely downloadable title. 

Uncreatively dubbed 1.8, this update will offer a number of noteworthy new features. The first is new quests, specifically Holiday events which will allow Overseers to keep their Dwellers busy while venturing out into the Wasteland. Added to this will be room theme, which are based on the different factions within the Fallout gaming universe, adorning a room accordingly. 

Also returning are Holiday Festivities (US-based), kicking off this month with special Dweller based add-ins for Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas. Lastly, the update will bring more Fallout Shelter stickers to iMessage on iOS 10. 

If you're either a big Fallout or mobile gamer, and have not checked out Fallout Shelter for whatever reason, this new update is the incentive required to do so.

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