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PlayStation held its annual Experience (PSX 2015) event over the weekend, where the focus was solely on the content the company's partners and game developers are working on for PlayStation VR. While the likes of Oculus Rift are fine tuning its VR headset and Microsoft has been updating its backwards compatibility library, Sony has its eyes facing forward.

It's been just shy of 20 months since Project Morpheus first saw the light of day. Since renamed PlayStation VR, we are now starting to see the bigger virtual reality gaming picture come together. To that end, potential hiccups aside, Sony has eight VR titles lined up for launch in 2016.

What's on the menu?

All eight titles were shown, either fully on in teaser format, at PSX 2015, with a mixture of brand new titles and remakes all gracing the main stage. There are a number of titles to fawn over, but the ones that have most piqued our interest are Golem and Eagle Flight.

The former sees gamers inhabit the world of a young girl, who explores the ancient ruins by connecting with a large stone Golem. The comparisons to a PlayStation VR gamer's movement and the female protagonist are clear to see, with this title is clearly built around exploration, which we love. Eagle Flight too centres around exploration and hinges on the premise that gamers are indeed birds of prey themselves, flying through forests and over cities.      

It seems then, that the first few VR-specific titles will focus heavily on orientating gamers to their new viewing and playing angle. Consequently, 2016's E3 event will most likely be about which platform has the best VR titles.  

For more of what's to come, here are the trailers for 100ft Robot Golf, The Modern Zombie Taxi Co. and Job Simulator.


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