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New trailer for The Last of Us: Left Behind DLC sneaks in the door

Naughty Dog has kept The Last of Us love flowing, this time releasing a new trailer for the impending Left Behind DLC, which is still slated for release on the 14th of February. The new trailer is more detailed than the previous one, and shows the relationship between Ellie and Riley when they first meet up again.

As the trailer progresses, you can practically feel that delicious adventure and danger is just around the bend. Rather than spoiling anything, particularly if the first trailer was too fleeting and obtuse, just hit the video below.

Star Wars 1313 gets frozen in carbonite, ejected out an airlock

Alas, it appears that one Star Wars title which was in development at LucasArts prior to Disney’s acquisition of the brand, namely Star Wars 1313, has been unceremoniously discarded and dumped.

Despite the fact that the game – which we last saw emerge from E3 in 2012 – had a promising trailer already, it was confirmed this week that Disney had abandoned the trademark for the game, essentially hammering the last nail into Star Wars 1313’s coffin. Although the game was cancelled last year amid LucasArts’ shutdown, there was still the glimmer of the chance for A New Hope that the company might resuscitate it by licensing it to another developer.

The game was slated to follow a younger Boba Fett, and take part amid Coruscant’s seedy underground. As the trailer below shows, it was looking promising, and as if it would have shown a different, and welcome side of the Star Wars universe that hadn’t been fully explored before. It’s too bad that Disney decided to collect on the bounty on Fett’s head before we could have seen the full game.  

Yet another new Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2 trailer released

Konami apparently really wants to ensure that players keep the forthcoming  Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2 on their radar. So much so that it has released yet more media – this time, a new trailer – for the game.

This is despite the fact that it was just last week that we were being plied with tantalizing new screenshots.

This new trailer’s focus though, is on showcasing some of the characters who will make an appearance in the game. This includes Zobek, (voiced by Patrick Stewart) a founder of the Brotherhood of Light  who betrayed Gabriel, along with Alucard, Carmilla, Marie and the main foe himself, Satan. And there is a dragon in case the terrific fight scenes and statues that explode and come to life weren’t enough.The trailer below is well worth a look, as it is simply bloody good.

A Story About My Uncle coming to Steam later this year

On the back of successes the likes of A Tale of Two Brothers, another indie developer will be bringing a family-driven story to tug at gamers’ heart. The game, A Story About My Uncle, is a first person platforming title that started its life as a promising demo crafted by student developers in Sweden, who have since formed Gone North Games.

However, the demo showed such promise that developers Coffee Stain Studios jumped in to help the new team turn it into a full title, which is expected to be available later this year via Steam. The game’s premise is straightforward – a young boy goes in search of his lost or missing uncle.

Instead of being kitted to the nines with an array of weapons, as is all too common in most games, A Story About My Uncle equips its protagonist with a grappling/energy hook of sorts. Judging by the trailer below, we expect a beautiful and enchanting world to traverse – and hopefully a touching story to back it up.

Hearthstone beta opens

If you’re looking for a little bit of a different gaming experience for this weekend, make your way to Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft. After going through its closed beta, the beta is now open, and this free-to-play strategy card game can be downloaded here, or use the Play Free Now button at the top of

Blizzard noted that it has no plans of performing any further card wipes, telling player to feel free to “amass your collection and play against your friends.” To see what you are in for, have a look at the gameplay video below.

The Amazing Spider Man 2 trailer slings and swoops in

Also parking its trailer in our round-up this week is The Amazing Spider Man 2, which sees Spidey being encouraged by Kraven to become “the ultimate hunter” with promises of helping him ensnare the prey he most desires.

Of course, we fully expect that Kraven’s offer to mentor Spidey comes with, um, strings attached. Of course, not helping matters in the trustworthiness department is the fact that he sounds suspiciously like Mickey Rourke’s Ivan Vanko in Iron Man 2, and we all know how poorly that turned out for Tony Stark.

To no-one’s surprise, the game will be released at the same time as the forthcoming movie sequel, also this year. In the meantime, take a look at the trailer below.

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