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It’s no secret that gaming can rival blockbuster movies for their graphics and their spectacle. Essential, however, to having the full experience that today’s console games can provide, is a TV that can do them justice.

Indeed, with the likes of the recently released Star Wars: Battlefront from EA bringing raging battles on distant planets to one’s living room, and the full drama of the Empire and Rebel’s far reaching conflict, graphical fidelity and unswerving clarity is a must in whatever TV you are using.  

Another consideration of course is price, as not everyone has the means to shell out in excess of R40 000 for a top of the line 4K TV. The good news from Sinotec is that you don’t have to venture into the dark side of massive debt in order to still enjoy an immersive and outstanding experience in your living room or bedroom.

Indeed, Sinotec has a strong range that caters to a broad plethora of budgets, from price conscious users to those seeking a mid range solution. Enthusiasts who are willing and able to spend whatever they need to in order to attain a top-of-the range experience aren’t stranded either, as there are TVs that can quench their thirst for the best and smartest TVs as well.

For the Gamer on a Budget

For those who are on a budget, the 49” Smart Plus+ Full HD Slim LED TV is well worth  consideration. At just under 50”, it’s still a more than acceptable size to enjoy a full experience, while its Full HD (1920x1080) resolution is certainly capable of delivering eye-catching visuals, aided by a brightness of 250 nit and a 30 000:1 dynamic contrast.

Additionally, the fact that it sports an IPS panel, means that users can  enjoy wider viewing angles and better colour reproduction.

As a Smart TV, it runs off Android 4.4 and offers built-in Wi-Fi to make connectivity more elegant. No less important for a TV that is destined to be connected to a few devices (in case you own more than one console alongside a DVR), it accommodates these with three HDMI ports as well as one composite Audio Input, one component audio input (RCA) and one optical/coaxial output.

Price wise, you won’t have to push your wallet open too far, as it has a recommended retail price of R7 000.

For the Gamer who wants to go big

Moving up a step or two, those with more to spend can also add an extra 16” to their screen size. The Sinotec 65" Smart Plus + Slim LED TV is a substantially bigger set, ideal if you have a larger living room or just believe that a galaxy far far away should be viewed in all its glory.

This set similarly has a 1920x1080 resolution but boosts its dynamic contrast by two thirds up to 50 000:1, meaning that you will enjoy a broader range of tones across the screen, from the darkest blacks to the brightest whites. Input wise, it’s identical to its smaller 49” brother, offering three HDMI ports, one composite audio input, one component audio input (RCA) and one optical/coaxial output, along with a VGA audio input and an Ethernet input.

For 65” behemoths, design is important, as they tend to be more noticeable additions to a room. Thankfully Sinotec has ensured it won’t stick out like a sore thumb, with a slim profile of 70 mm. Perhaps the best feature though, particularly for a set of this size, is its price, coming in at a reasonable R15 000.

For the Gamer who wants the best

For those for whom price is not an issue, this puts a whole other level of visuals within reach, with the Sinotec 55” G9200 Air Series SMART UHD set being the gold standard.

It might be smaller than the mid range 65” set, but don’t be fooled. In a TV set, size is no longer the most important measuring stick, as the TV offers a whopping Ultra High Definition (3840x2160) resolution. This means new and favourite gaming titles will boast more clarity and detail found in the aforementioned TVs, to render games and movies alike in significantly more eye catching glory.

Additionally, the 55” size makes it a bit more accommodating for those who have slightly smaller rooms, and pixel peepers who want their images to look as good as real life. The good news is that the benefits of UHD is available without breaching the blockade that is the R20 000 mark. All the expected inputs are included, such as three HDMI inputs, a coaxial/optical output, composite video input (RCA) and composite audio input (RCA) as well as two USB ports as well. It similarly boasts an ultra slim elegant design, as well as an integrated JBL soundbar and built-in wireless connectivity. Suffice to say, the Force is definitely strong with this one.

Whichever your choice, from the more affordable up to the premium offering, these Sinotec TVs may well make having a ‘staycation’ and dipping into your games library a considerably more appealing prospect this December.


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