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Perhaps more frustrating than getting lost in a new city or location is forgetting where you parked your car. Luckily, Google Maps has cooked up a solution, which is now official on both the iOS and Android versions of the application. 

Google previewed the 'save your parking' feature last month, but now it has landed on Google Maps for iOS and Android in its entirety. The feature will only work when prompted to log your location. 

On iOS:

Once you've reached your desired spot within Google Maps, users will need to tap on the blue dot and press the "Set as parking location" tab. This adds the parking spot to the map itself, and is indicated by a blue 'P' icon. It remembers the location for as long as you need to, but be advised that physically removing the parking spot icon will be required. If you pair your iPhone to the car's Bluetooth or audio setup, Google says the parking spot will be remembered when you disconnect. 

On Android:

The system for Android users is fairly similar to the iOS one. You'll also tap on the blue dot once you've reached a destination, and press the 'Save your parking' tab. There are a couple more features from here though, with a tab on the blue Parking spot icon also bringing up a card for additional information to be filled in if needed, such as parking level or bay number. There's also a reminder function to alert users on how much time you have left at a parking meter.  

The update for this nifty feature should roll out to compatible iOS and Android devices in coming days, if not available already. 


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