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Two features formally found in Nexus devices will be porting to the Google Pixel and Pixel XL in a forthcoming update, according to Droid Life. The update, which is already available to select Pixel users in Canada notes The Verge, will add double-tap and raise-to-wake to Google's new flagship devices.  

Both features were mainstays on the Nexus 6P, designed by Huawei, which is also responsible for the body of the Pixel. The addition will be most welcomed by seasoned Nexus owners, but was likely pushed as an update due to the fact that Apple also introduced a raise-to-wake feature in iOS10 on select devices.  

For those unfamiliar with the features, they're both designed to check the status of notifications without fully unlocking the device. The double-tap, as the name explains, allows users to tap the screen of their Pixel twice to view any new notifications. Raise-to-wake, also self-explanatory, let's Pixel owners view their notification by lifting up the device. Both features can be turned on via the Moves section of the settings menu. 

More important to us, however, is whether the Pixel and Pixel XL will come to SA in any official capacity by Google. To date, the company has remained mum on the matter.


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