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Google is readying the release of Android 8.1, pushing the update to a select number of devices over the coming weeks. It's not just the likes of the Nokia 8, Huawei Mate 10 Pro or Samsung Galaxy S8 that users will be able to experience Android Oreo on, with Google announcing a Go version for low-end devices.

The Go edition of Android Oreo is specifically designed for cheaper entry-level smartphones, with Google noting that devices with between 512 MB and 1 GB of RAM fitting the necessary criteria. It will not be a fully fledged Oreo experience though, with Google instead focusing on three key aspects - data management, lite versions of apps and a redefined Play Store.

Having enhanced the experience for less processor intensive devices, Google says it has optimised the Oreo Go operating system to be 15% faster than their current iterations of OS. The data management is also said to save users up to 600 MB of data per year, which could certainly come in handy for those in countries like India and South Africa, where Google aims to roll out Oreo Go.

At this stage, however, there is no definitive timeline on Oreo Go's availability, but Google is releasing it to developers and partners with Android 8.1.


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