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We like Google's Nexus smartphones. If you're an Android purist, it's often the branded device you'll naturally gravitate towards. While Google has nailed the operating system for these devices, it has always used third parties to handle the hardware and design of the phones. As such, they never felt like fully fledged Google devices. Rumours, however, suggest that we could soon have a clearer idea of what an all-out Google smartphone will entail, sans Nexus.  

According to sources at The Telegraph, Google itself is reportedly readying a device for release later this year. Despite a more precise debut remaining unknown, it is believed that the device will feature far more of a Google influence in terms of design. 

Whether or not Google will still make use of a popular third party manufacturer to mint the device is also unclear, but Engadget says the company's recent Pixel C convertible tablet should serve as a good reference for what Google can produce. 

The website also advises a bit of caution on Google's part, as they could potentially isolate some of their hardware partners, like Huawei or LG for example by going this route. Nevertheless, a smartphone made solely by Google could prove an enticing prospect. Not to forget Project Ara, which has the search giant creating a modular phone, with a developer's’ model shipping later this year.


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