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HTC debuted its new One A9 smartphone less than a week ago to mixed responses. While the device itself looks a lot like an iPhone, something we're not used to seeing from HTC, it's $400 price tag has a few users contemplating a purchase. That price is set to change however according to Slashgear, with the One A9's Stateside launch, post 7 November, reportedly adding an additional $100 once the initial release of the smartphone ends in the US.

As it turns out, the $400 price tag is indeed a promotional offer, designed to entice early adopters. As such, if you reside in the land of the free, perhaps getting your hands on the One A9 might not be a bad choice, while the price is still limited to $400. 

More important for us however, is what the One A9 will likely retail for when in lands in South Africa. For now, that $400 price tag seems designated to the United States alone, with SA more than likely receiving a price tag in line with the $500 post-launch version. Consequently, we could see the One A9 retail for just over R6 800 (depending on the exchange rate). Even so, given the One A9's respectable specs, display and camera, it could prove an solid mid-range offering. 


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