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If you own any sort of mobile or electronic device, chances are that a microSD card it taking care of the additional storage required. With 32 GB and 64 GB not cutting it these days, you'll be pleased to find out that Integral Memory has just unveiled the world's first 512 GB microSD card.

It's the largest capacity that has been commercially manufactured on this form factor to date, with SanDisk managing a 'mediocre' 400 GB before this. That said, SanDisk's offering is slightly faster at 100 MB/s, whereas the Integral Memory option manages 80 MB/s.

Added to that is a minimum write speed up 10 MB/s thanks to its SDXC UHS-I U1 classification, making it ideal for capturing Full HD video via your camera.

Unfortunately no price is mentioned, but it is expected to land in the UK sometime in February.


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