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Four hundred square miles – that is how large Just Cause 3’s map is; according to the developers, who have unveiled that fact, and a few others, in their latest Developer Diary.

The developers explain that Medici, which is protagonist Rico Rodrigues’ place of birth, is divided into three distinct zones, which each having their own character and inspiration from various places, including, Greece, the South of France, Italy and Corsica. It is also, they teased, one of the largest if not the largest maps in the industry, and thus has been particularly designed for aerial traversal.

Based on what the developer diary shows below, it looks like Just Cause 3 will be achingly beautiful, easily enough to compel one to pack a bag and head to the Mediterranean for real.

Of course, this pretty façade has an ugly side, which comes in the form of tyrannical dictator General Di Ravello, and a populace rebelling using graffiti and architecture to express their displeasure.

 Really though, this is catnip to Rico’s penchant for wreaking righteous havoc, or in plainer vernacular, ‘blowing shit up’ and tearing Ravello a new one. The game is due this December on the PS4, Xbox One and PC; in the meantime, head down to the video below.


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