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Mobile World Congress 2017 is fast approaching, and it's time for manufacturers to begin hyping up their forthcoming devices. We've already seen some information about the Huawei P10 make an appearance, but our focus has shifted to LG and its G6 smartphone. Here's what we've heard so far.  

Firstly, invites for a 26 February event have been sent out to select media. Added to this LG's US Twitter page released a short video teasing some of the features that the G6 may tout. 

From what we can tell, the G6 will be serving up more screen real estate, as well as an 18:9 aspect ratio. ZDNet also believes that a new QHD+ display will be front and centre on the G6, with a reported pixel density of 564 ppi. 

One of the more interesting aspects of the G6 will see a return to a more conventional design, with the South Korean manufacturer opting to forego the modular one it utilised on the G5. The design of that phone was ambitious and certainly showed potential in our opinion, but the execution needed to be a little more polished. Whether or not LG ever tries modular again, remains to be seen. 

The last bit of information we've come across is that LG will also tease some sort of flexible display, but that will most likely feature on a concept device and not the fully fledged G6. Samsung is also said to have a similar offering in the works, but they too will probably show off a concept. 


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